Brexit has happened. We can’t change that and with it, comes a great deal of rules. Rules that need to be followed or risk a hefty fine. There are a lot of new rules to get right or you might not even be able to leave the UK let alone get your load to its destination

The KAP, also known at the Kent Access Permit, is a new permit that you need if you are to cross into Kent to Access either the Doer Crossing or the Euro Tunnel. It lasts just 24hrs and is in enforcement to aid in managing traffic through Kent. You need a negative Coronavirus test to cross into France, as well, but due to the 24hr permit time limit, it is best to get this done before entering Kent.

You do not need a KAP if the HGV is under 7.5 tonnes or is leaving from a different port. You will need the permit even if you are carrying post and not goods. You need a new permit each time you leave Great Britain. You do not need it if you are not leaving the UK or are dopping off a railer that will be taken across the border. You will need the expected time and date of arrival in Kent, the registration of the HGV and you will need to confirm the documents that you already have such as an EU import document with barcode and an Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission (ATA) or Transport Internationaux Routiers (TIR) carnets.

You will also need to confirm you have additional documents if you are transporting: Live animals, animal products, fish products, plants, other specialities, restricted or controlled goods. It is another hurdle, but you will need it to avoid a fine. Click here to apply and find out more.