Managers Certificate of Professional Competence (MCPC)

Course Duration:

10 Days

Course Introduction

Want to become a Transport Manager? The Managers Certificate of Professional Competence is a qualification that is required for anyone wishing to take employment in the Road Haulage and Passenger Industry as a Transport Manager or Owner Operator. Students wishing to hold an Operator’s Licence are required to satisfy the Traffic Commissioner that they meet the criteria laid down by law:

  • They are of good repute
  • They have significant financial resources
  • They are professionally competent

Course Overview

Business and Company Law Operators Licensing
Social Legislation Vehicle Selection
Financial Management Weights and Dimensions of Vehicles and Loads
Commercial Business Conduct Safe Loading
General Insurance Mechanical Conditions
Traffic Legislation Speed Limits
Taxation Mechanical Condition
Marketing Drivers’ Hours and Records
Methods of Operating Vocational Driving Licenses

Courses are run over 10 days Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. Each candidate receives a full set of student notes.


Courses are held four times a year with the examinations to be held only at approved examination centres. Sigma centres are based in Grays, Essex and West Lothian, Scotland.

New multi choice e-testing

OCR introduced e-testing for the multi choice examination, enabling candidates to take this exam on any day of the course. We found by enabling candidates to sit this examination prior to the case study examination it increased the overall pass rate. However, if a candidate was to fail this e-test it can be booked again for the same day or another day of the candidate’s choice.

Benefits of e-testing

  • Register your candidates within minutes
  • Re-tests can be retaken twice a week
  • Results are available within minutes of the test being completed.

Home Study Option

This is available for candidates who are unable to attend one of our training courses, but are able to study in their own time. Candidates will receive a Home Study pack, inclusive of question and answer sections supporting all modules.

Guidance for CPC exam centres

As a centre approved to offer CPC exams, we wanted to provide an update on assessments taking place this year. We plan to run tests in March, June, September and December 2021.

March 2021 exams

We are planning to run the CPC March 2021 series on Friday 12 March 2021. The DfE letter of 13 January stated that proficiency-based assessments should continue wherever possible, subject to public health guidance, so that students are able to progress to the next stage of their lives.

The window for making entries for the March tests is now open and closes on 19 February. Results will be issued on 23 April.

Paper-based multiple-choice tests will be available at the same time as on-screen multiple-choice tests on the morning of 12 March. The case study tests in the afternoon are paper-based.

Please be aware that it is possible that the tests may be subject to disruption due to public health concerns. We will keep you updated.

Brexit and coronavirus updates

Please note that we are including statements on the front of our question papers in 2021 to explain the following:

  • Brexit: Legislation has changed due to Brexit. Answers that refer to recently amended legislation will be credited but answers that refer to out-of-date legislation will not be.
  • Covid-19: Candidates will not be questioned on any temporary rules introduced due to Covid-19. Answers that reflect such measures will not be credited. We will not expect candidates to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of recent changes.
Withdrawal arrangements

We can confirm that the June, September and December series in 2021 will be available as resit sessions only. This is to make sure candidates have at least three resit opportunities.



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