Operators License Compliance Grays

So, what is Operators License Compliance in Grays? Well, this is something that ensures that you are compliant with rules and regulations regarding Operators License. This is something that ensures that you are legally allowed to operate goods vehicles over a certain weight. 

You need a licence to carry goods in a lorry, van or another vehicle with either:

  • a gross plated weight (the maximum weight that the vehicle can have at any one time) of over 3,500 kilograms (kg)
  • an unladen weight of more than 1,525 kg (where there is no plated weight) (Source) 

This is for safety reasons of course. Operating goods over a certain weight can impact the manoeuvrability of your vehicle. A license will ensure that you know how to correctly manoeuvre the vehicle with the added weight. Doing so incorrectly can have devastating consequences, such as a severe assident. Depending on what goos are being transported, that could have an even greater impact than first expected. 

This course is to ensure that operators understand what is required for their license to remain valid and that you are not doing anything that could cause issues and invalidate your licence. fOr example, did you know that overloading your vehicle, breaking rules of the transportation of goods, breaking drivers hours regulations or even if the vehicle s unroadworthy could result in the vehicle being prohibited or immobilised by the DVLA? This could severely impact not only your business but also your reputation.

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