Abrasive Wheels

The correct and safe use of abrasive wheels is of utmost importance as they are utilised in a wide range of tools and processes. These wheels serve various purposes, from hand grinding to disc cutting, and can be employed at different stages of a work process, including preliminary cuts, material scoring, and fine polishing.

It is crucial to understand that different abrasive wheels possess distinct properties and characteristics, making them suitable for specific tasks. Additionally, they may have different vulnerabilities and pose unique risks and hazards during handling and use. Consequently, it is essential to always select the appropriate abrasive wheel for the job and use it with compatible machinery.

The Abrasive Wheels course targets individuals who directly use abrasive wheels or employ individuals who work with these tools as part of their job responsibilities.

The Abrasive Wheels E-Learning course comprehensively covers the anatomy of an abrasive wheel, the associated dangers of their use, proper storage and handling practices, and much more.

Moreover, this Online Abrasive Wheels course holds approvals from reputable industry bodies, namely IIRSM and CPD, ensuring its credibility and adherence to quality standards.

Online training offers flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, allowing candidates to progress through the course modules at their own pace and convenience. They can seamlessly integrate the training into their work and personal schedules, ensuring a smooth and convenient learning experience.

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Abrasive Wheels

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