ALLMI Slinger / Signaller

  • Course Duration: 1-2 Days


The ALLMI slinger / signaller course content is extremely comprehensive and so cardholders are able to use their skills when performing slinging and signalling duties with any type of lifting equipment, not just lorry loaders.

Course Overview

Quality Slinger Safety courses run by qualified instructors

The strength and quality of ALLMI slinger / signaller training comes from the technical and training knowledge on the Association’s Training Standards Committee. The Committee is made up of training and technical professionals from the UK’s leading loader crane manufacturers, importers, fleet owners and training companies, as well as the HSE. The Committee develops, consults upon and maintains the training standards set by ALLMI.

The course content includes the following:

• Legislation
• Introduction to the Equipment
• Pre & Post Operational Checks
• Planning the Lift
• Use of Lifting Accessories
• Storage and Maintenance
• Signaller Duties and Signals
• Practical Application of Slinging
• Practical Application of Signalling

ALLMI provides novice (two day duration) and experienced (one day) slinger / signaller courses, which include theoretical and practical instruction and assessment.

Every successful candidate receives a certificate and identity card, as well as the ALLMI Slinger / Signaller Manual. ALLMI certification is valid for five years, after which time refresher training and assessment will need to be undertaken.

Additional Learning Support

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ALLMI Slinger / Signaller

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ALLMI Slinger / Signaller

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