ADR (Dangerous Goods by Road)


  • Course Duration: 1 Day


It is a legal requirement that any persons whose duties concern the carriage of dangerous goods undertake awareness training. The requirement includes personnel employed by the road vehicle operator or the consignor such as packers, forklift truck drivers, warehouse operatives who load or unload dangerous goods, staff in freight forwarding or shipping agency offices, and drivers of non-ADR vehicles.

All of our ADR examinations are computer-based which enables you to get your results straight away unless there are any technical issues in which we must revert to paper-based examinations.

Drivers that wish to renew their ADR license must attend a refresher course 6 weeks prior to the expiry date

Who requires Hazardous Awareness Training?

All staff that deal with hazardous goods on road or otherwise
• Consignor
• Loader & Filler
• Tank Operator
• Carrier
• Packer
• Unloader
• Consignee

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Course Overview

The course offers the basic understanding of dangerous goods and hazardous substances. If required, we can tailor the course specifically to the type of substances and goods that you deal with.

Key areas covered in Dangerous Goods Awareness:
– ADR Regulations and Scope
– Dangerous Goods Classes and their Hazards
– Labelling of Packages
– Packing Groups and Transport Categories
– Documentation

Additional Learning Support

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