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B + E – Trailer Training Course

  • Course Duration: 4-5 Days


This course is for anyone wanting to build on knowledge of towing safely with a trailer.

To drive a B+E car and trailer. (B category on a UK driving licence is a car/4×4/van with a Maximum Authorised Mass of no more than 3,500kg).

It is now possible to tow a medium – large trailer on a B licence (such at a horse trailer or large caravan) you now acquire the B+E entitlement automatically when passing your B driving test. (This changed in autumn 2021).

Course Overview

By the end of this course, you will have a built up your trailer towing confidence and knowledge.

We will have assessed your on the road driving, and given guidance where needed.

You will have been shown how to safely couple up the trailer to the car.

You will practice reversing with a trailer, starting in a straight line, and then reversing on an angle into the coned area.

Novice Package:
12 Hours- £660

Intermediate Package:
8 Hours- £440

Experienced Package:
4 Hours- £220

Additional Learning Support

With full confidentiality call us on 01375 887270 in advance if you have any particular learning requirements.

LGV Category C+E (Class 1) Training Course

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B + E – Trailer Training Course

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