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Our comprehensive Banksman E-Learning course, available online, focuses on preventing common accidents that occur during vehicle reversing manoeuvres and highlights the critical role played by the banksman. The course also explores the controls and actions that can significantly reduce the likelihood of such accidents.

The Banksman online course begins by identifying the three primary categories of reversing accidents: injuries to pedestrians, damage to objects in the workplace, and damage to street furniture. It also covers other types of accidents related to reversing manoeuvres.

You will gain an understanding of the management’s role in preventing reversing accidents, including the use of risk assessments, Safe Systems of Work, and the provision of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The course provides an overview of the key legislation that applies to banksman activities. It then delves into the actual role and responsibilities of banksman on site, including safety rules, controls, and guidelines.

Additionally, the course covers the rules and responsibilities of drivers, emphasising the importance of safe collaboration between drivers and banksman.

Lastly, the Banksman online E-Learning course addresses vehicle hazard safety checks and teaches industry-standard hand signals and verbal cues that banksman can employ during vehicle manoeuvres.

The Banksman online E-Learning course is designed for individuals working in the construction or heavy industry sectors who are responsible for vehicle movement. This includes site supervisors or managers.

Online training offers the flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that allows candidates to progress through the course modules at their own pace and convenience. This adaptability ensures seamless integration of the training into their work and personal schedules.

By understanding the causes of common problems and possessing the tools to address them swiftly, participants will ensure smooth operations and enhanced work efficiency.

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Banksman Training

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