Behavioural Safety

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Behavioural Safety empowers and encourages workers to take charge of their own safety and the safety of their colleagues by organizing and controlling their actions.

Workers often possess valuable insights and solutions when their voices are heard. The objective of this Behavioural Safety online course is to cultivate a questioning attitude and promote personal responsibility for health and safety among workers at all levels within the company or organization.

This Behavioural Safety E-Learning course provides a clear definition of behavioural safety and explores its origins as a concept. It covers the implementation of behavioural safety in the workplace and highlights potential benefits. The course also includes the analysis of examples of “at-risk behaviors” and provides methods for measuring the organization’s safety performance. Lastly, the online course touches upon key laws concerning workplace health and safety, along with strategies for fostering positive attitudes among the workforce.

This Behavioural Safety course primarily targets employees, equipping them with a comprehensive understanding of Behavioural Safety issues, its integration into the workplace, and its relationship with workplace health and safety.

The course holds approval from respected industry bodies such as IOSH and IIRSM, indicating its compliance with rigorous standards.

Online training offers flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, enabling candidates to progress through the modules at their own pace and convenience. This allows them to easily integrate the training into their work and personal schedules.

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Behavioural Safety

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