ADR (Dangerous Goods by Road)

Class 7 Radioactives

  • Course Duration: 1 Day


Drivers of vehicles carrying radioactive materials of Class 7 shall attend a specialisation training course.

The UN Class 7 Specialisation course does not cover any other aspect of the ADR course.

Reason For Regulation
Whilst undergoing radioactive decay radionuclides emit ionizing radiation, which presents potentially severe risks to human health.

Course Overview

Elevate your knowledge of transporting Class 7 radioactive materials with Sigma Studies. Our specialized course delves into radioactivity regulations, safety protocols, and logistical intricacies.

Commonly Transported Radioactive Material
Radioactive ores
Medical isotopes
Density gauges
Mixed fission products
Surface contaminated objects
Caesium radionuclides / isotopes
Iridium radionuclides / isotopes
Americium radionuclides / isotopes
Plutonium radionuclides / isotopes
Radium radionuclides / isotopes
Thorium radionuclides / isotopes
Uranium radionuclides / isotopes
Depleted uranium / depleted uranium products
Uranium hexafluoride
Enriched Uranium

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Class 7 Radioactives

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