ADR (Dangerous Goods by Road)


  • Course Duration: 1 Day

Consignors Required to Appoint a DGSA

ADR has been in the regulations for a number of years, however under a derogation it has not been enforced, the derogation however expires on December 31st 2022. Therefore unless exempted by the existing provisions in ADR then a consignor of dangerous goods must, by January 1 2023, appoint a DGSA.


When sending hazardous goods by road and other means, the consignor must ensure that all goods conform to the requirements of ADR.

This includes:

• Ascertaining that the dangerous goods are classified and authorised for carriage.
• Furnishing the carrier with appropriate information and transport documents.
• Using only approved packaging and containers which include markings where necessary.

All of our ADR examinations are computer-based which enables you to get your results straight away unless there are any technical issues in which we must revert to paper-based examinations.

Drivers that wish to renew their ADR license must attend a refresher course 6 weeks prior to the expiry date

Who requires a Consignor course?

The course is designed for staff responsible for arranging the movement of dangerous goods.

Please contact us for course dates.

Course Overview

The course will explain and clarify

  • Whether a material is hazardous and explain how to check what type
  • Transport documents that are required by the carrier and how to fill them out
  • Information that is required on all documents and packaging
  • When to use different types of packaging and container and how to ensure it is correct for the type of material.

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