Defensive Driving for HGV

Safety is paramount in the dynamic world of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) operations. Our Defensive Driving for HGV program goes beyond conventional training, placing a strong emphasis on proactive techniques and strategies to anticipate and mitigate potential risks on the road.

Led by experienced instructors well-versed in defensive driving principles, this program equips you with the tools to navigate challenging scenarios, make split-second decisions, and prioritise safety at all times. From understanding the limitations of your vehicle to anticipating the behaviour of other road users, our training ensures that you emerge as a vigilant and safety-conscious HGV operator.

Join us in cultivating a safety-first mindset that not only enhances your well-being on the road but also contributes to the overall safety standards of the transportation industry.

Sigma Studies is the number one choice for Defensive Driving for HGV training!

Our skilled professionals train drivers to the highest possible standards, covering many areas of training including ADR, Dangerous Goods Awareness, Driver CPC, Forklift, Lorry Mounted Crane, Operator Awareness, and Petroleum Driver Passport. We are one of the UK’s premier providers of LGV driver training with more than 28 years of experience providing transport solutions. We are here to guide you through the difficult process of licensing and accreditation from the very start through to completion.

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Defensive Driving for HGV

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