Driver CPC Training Chelmsford

What is CPC Training?

The full course title is the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. It is a qualification that you add to your license which was introduced across Europe in 2009. Its main goals are to improve the standard of road safety of people driving buses, lorries and coaches across Europe. It is a required part of your license, if you are going to be operating one of these machines. Without it you can be fined up to £1000, which is why we offer the highest quality CPC training in Chelmsford.

Why Use Sigma Studies?

With over 28 years of experience, there is no one more qualified to teach CPC training than us. We have a team that is highly skilled in teaching this qualification, making it easy and quick to take on board. You are required to do 35 hours to complete the course. This is split in 5 x 7 hour days of studying and training, to help you gain your qualification as quickly as possible. With our team’s expertise and friendly instructions, we aim for everyone who takes the course with us to pass as soon as possible.

Our course consists of 4 steps. This course is designed to make sure they include all elements of the Drivers CPC Syllabus. That way you can make sure you are getting the best possible training to learn enough to pass the test and even more.

The Driver CPC training and test we offer is split into two parts, the theory and training.

  • Step 1 – Theory Test

Multiple Choice Questions and Hazard Perception.

  • Step 2 – Case Study

Questions about real-life scenarios you are likely to come across in your working life.

  • Step 3 – Practical Driving Test

A practical driving test with an examiner to assess the driving ability of the driver.

  • Step 4 – Vehicle Safety Demonstration

A practical test that will ask drivers to demonstrate their ability and what has been taught on the course.

To assist with the theory part of the test there are many different ways you can revise and practice to help you pass first time. There are books, DVDs and eBooks that offer training for the Drivers CPC theory test. There are also mobile and online applications that that can help you study. To find out more visit the theory test section of our site.

Our training covers Chelmsford and the surrounding areas, including Colchester and all throughout Essex!

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Driver CPC Training Chelmsford

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Driver CPC Training Chelmsford

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