Driver CPC Training Southend

What is CPC Training?

Driver CPC is a qualification you can gain to add on to your driving license. This qualification allows you to drive a truck, lorry, bus or coach throughout Europe. This new law was passed in 2009 and set out with the aim of increasing road safety. It does this by improving the skills and knowledge of drivers so they are more aware of dangers on the road and how to handle them. The qualification you gain is known as The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence and is a legal requirement throughout the whole of Europe, without it you can face fines up to £1000.

Why Use Sigma Studies?

Our team of experts have been teaching and training individuals for over 28 years. Our team is fully experienced and have the skills and knowledge to provide you with everything you need to pass the course. The full course for ‘new drivers’ is 35 hours. The best and most efficient way to do this is by splitting it over 5 x 7 hour days of training. In these days our team will help you to pass both the theory and practical side of the course. With our help and friendly service we will have you passed in no time!

The course is made up of 4 different steps. We have had specialists design the course in a specific way to make sure it incorporates all aspects of the Drivers CPC Syllabus. With the knowledge from our experts and our fantastic course syllabus you will be able to pass your test as quickly as possible!

The Driver CPC training and test we offer is split into two parts, the theory and training.

  • Step 1 – Theory Test

Multiple Choice Questions and Hazard Perception.

  • Step 2 – Case Study

Questions about real-life scenarios you are likely to come across in your working life.

  • Step 3 – Practical Driving Test

A practical driving test with an examiner to assess the driving ability of the driver.

  • Step 4 – Vehicle Safety Demonstration

A practical test that will ask drivers to demonstrate their ability and what has been taught on the course.

We have a team that is dedicated to helping you pass both parts of your test. We have also found a list of really helpful resources that will help you pass the theory test with ease. You can view these sources in our theory test section of our site which consists of books, eBooks DVDs and also online material you can access from your phone.

Our training covers Southend and the surrounding areas, including Thurrock, Wickford and beyond!

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Driver CPC Training Southend

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Driver CPC Training Southend

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