Introduction to Risk Assessment

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Risk assessment is a systematic approach to evaluating work activities and identifying potential factors that could cause significant harm to individuals, property, or the environment.

The primary objective of risk assessments is to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of employees and all individuals impacted by workplace activities.

By the end of our online Introduction to Risk Assessment E-Learning course, participants will gain a clear understanding of what a risk assessment entails and how to effectively conduct one. The course begins by defining key terms and providing essential background information to emphasise the importance of risk assessments. It also covers relevant legislation. Practical guidance on identifying hazards, analysing risks, and outlining the responsibilities of both employers and employees in relation to risk assessments is provided.

The Introduction to Risk Assessment course is designed for employees who are responsible for conducting risk assessments within their professional roles. It equips them with the necessary knowledge to understand the concept of risk assessment, complete assessments effectively, and fulfil their legal obligations toward their fellow employees.

One of the advantages of the Online Introduction to Risk Assessment E-Learning course is its approval by the leading industry body, IIRSM. This accreditation provides individuals with a means to demonstrate their continuous professional development.

Online training offers flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Participants can progress through the course modules at their own pace and at their convenience, allowing them to seamlessly integrate training into their work and personal lives.

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Introduction to Risk Assessment

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