Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP)


  • Course Duration: 1 Day


All petroleum tanker drivers will need to gain a Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP) to enable them to load, unload and transport fuel products. You will need either a FULL PDP or an INTERIM PDP.

Course Overview

Interim PDP

For the interim PDP, you will be given classroom training covering key content from the Industry Training Standard. You will then take a written (multiple choice) assessment, set by SQA. There is also a practical assessment in the industry sub-sector most relevant to your workload. A qualified and approved PDP assessor will assess you.

Full PDP

To achieve the full PDP, you will undertake PDP training and a full written (multiple choice) assessment, set by SQA. You will take this alongside your five-yearly ADR renewal training and assessment. You will also take a practical assessment with a qualified and approved PDP assessor.

Refresher Training

You will have to take an annual classroom refresher and an annual practical assessment for your PDP to remain valid. Your record of annual training and assessment will be held on SQA’s secure system.

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Petroleum Driver Passport PDP Training Course

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