Stress Management

According to the Health and Safety Executive, work-related stress arises when individuals struggle to cope with the demands placed upon them, which can originate from various aspects of their lives but is frequently associated with work-related pressures.

So, why does stress pose a problem in the workplace?

Recent estimates indicate that work-related stress, depression, or anxiety account for a significant 39% of all work-related illnesses. While certain occupations may be more susceptible to stress, its effects can impact anyone, compromising their health, ability to perform effectively both at work and home, and their relationships.

The Online Stress Management E-Learning course targets all employees, providing them with an introduction to stress and its problematic nature, exploring potential causes of stress, and offering strategies to minimise its risks.

The Stress Management E-Learning course delivers numerous advantages. Stress is a genuine concern for both organisations and their employees, representing a substantial portion of work-related illnesses each year. By understanding the signs of stress, identifying triggers, and learning effective management techniques, individuals can significantly improve their well-being and contribute to the well-being of those around them.

Furthermore, the Stress Management E-Learning course holds approvals from esteemed industry bodies, including IIRSM and CPD, ensuring its credibility and quality.

Online training offers flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, allowing candidates to progress through the course modules at their own pace and convenience, accommodating their work and personal life commitments seamlessly.

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Stress Management

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