Workplace Health & Safety

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This online Workplace Health and Safety E-Learning course addresses general health and safety concerns that are applicable to various types of businesses and sectors, including offices, retail environments, workshops, and factories. The extensive coverage of topics makes it an excellent introductory course on workplace health and safety, which can be further supplemented with more specialised courses focusing on specific hazards in specific work environments. It serves as a valuable component of the induction process.

By the end of this Workplace Health and Safety E-Learning course, participants will gain an understanding of health and safety legislation, along with definitions of common terms associated with health and safety. The course presents relevant statistics highlighting the most frequent causes of workplace accidents.

Moreover, participants will learn about best practices concerning electricity, display screen equipment, and safe manual handling techniques. The course also introduces the importance of controlling substances hazardous to health, the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) as instructed, and the recommended procedures in case of a fire.

The Workplace Health and Safety online course features specific case studies that underscore the significance of workplace health and safety and the potential consequences of breaching health and safety regulations. Additionally, it introduces the concept of risk assessment and concludes with guidelines for handling emergency situations.

The Workplace Health and Safety course caters to a broad audience, as it applies to various sectors and can be incorporated as part of the induction process in most businesses. It works particularly well when combined with more specific health and safety courses relevant to the candidates’ roles.

By covering a wide range of health and safety scenarios, this Workplace Health and Safety E-Learning course provides a solid foundation for further training.

The course carries approvals from renowned industry bodies, including IOSH, IIRSM, and CPD, ensuring its compliance with rigorous standards.

Online training offers flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, enabling participants to progress through the modules at their own pace and at their preferred time, making it convenient to fit the training around their work and personal commitments.

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Workplace Health & Safety

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