Defensive Driver Training (LGV & Cars)

What is defensive driving?

Plan your journey before setting off – utilise website and Sat Nav information to plan the best route avoiding, where possible, congestion and roadwork’s

Remove any unnecessary loads –   the extra weight increases fuel consumption

Check tyre pressures regularly – under-inflated tyres are dangerous, wear out more quickly and increase fuel consumption

Only start the engine when you want to drive – fuel is wasted when idling the engine

Drive calmly – avoid harsh braking and acceleration.  Pulling away too fast can use up to 60 per cent more fuel

Concentrate, observe, anticipate – to maintain a smooth driving style that avoids accidents and saves fuel

Brakes to slow, gears to go – slow the vehicle using the brakes, engage the correct gear for your speed and by-pass all intermediate gears

Don’t pump the accelerator – or rev the engine unnecessarily

Switch off the engine in traffic jams

Watch your speed – always travel at a safe speed according to the conditions.  Remember the speed limit is a maximum, not a target

Keep your distance – at least a two second distance between you and the vehicle in front

Monitor your vehicle for road worthiness –  particularly tyres, brakes, steering and emissions

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Defensive Driver Training (LGV & Cars)

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Defensive Driver Training (LGV & Cars)

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