HGV Driver Training Provider

Sigma Studies is a specialist HGV driver training provider with an outstanding reputation for their courses within transport at the best price. Covering all aspects of transport training, our 25 years of experience is ready to help you every step of the way in gaining new skills, to help you open the door to new career opportunities.

Becoming a HGV driver is a role and lifestyle attractive to many. Not only does it give you the opportunity to travel around the nation and overseas, it is a lifestyle suitable for those who love variety and driving the open road. It is a role where job security is unlimited and gives you a sense of freedom undoubtedly. 

With the logistical industry greatly evolving, there is always a need for more HGV and LGV drivers to help cargo and deliveries get from A to B. There is always a welcoming community between other employees and a social life which is not always available with other 9-5 jobs. 

As a leading HGV driver training provider, it is our best interest to help you reach your career goals as a well developed and experienced driver. If you would like to become a HGV driver, you must be at least 18 years old and hold a full driving licence. 

Throughout your training you will cover:

  • Driver Medical
  • Apply for provisional entitlement
  • Theory tests 
  • Practical tests

You will also need to cover a multiple-choice exam, hazard perception, case study and vocational test.. Once you have established your skill behind the wheels and pass the safety tests, we will qualify you with the certification you’ve been waiting for. 

We are happy to design a tailored driving course with your instructor should you have a specific career destination in mind. This is the perfect opportunity for valuable experience within a specific environment  you wish to work within.

When searching for a dependable and professional HGV driver training provider, look no further than Sigma Studies to help you open the door to new career opportunities. Whether you are a private individual or commercial customer, we are ready for you. 

Call 01375 671 111, email info@sigmastudies.co.uk or click here to start your journey today.